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Should you sell your company?

Are you considering selling your business? Do you wish to strengthen your strategic position with additional growth capital? Take a confidential dialogue with us to explore your opportunities.
We will of course not be able to knowing you and your company in depth after a singleconversation, but we will definitely be able to provide you with  inspiration,  helping you to know what you can do in order to prepare your company for sale, examine whether the company is mature for a sale and what the sale process would mean to you. We are always objective in the preliminarydiscussions on the potential sale of your company, because we know that it is an highly important decision that you should make when you are prepared to do so- and that it therefore always is best that the company owners expectations to value, and the result of the company transaction aligns after completion of the sale. Learn more about our sale process here or contact us.

Should you sell your company?    
A successful sale of a company is the sum of a multitude of factorsthat requires time, resources, and careful considerations, all of which are equally important. As M&A advisors are we advising on how company owners can increase the value of a potential sale and optimize the result in the transaction, and work closely together with them throughout the entire sale process.
Selling a company takes time. Not only because it involves some very important decisions that need to be considered and taken, but also because the preparation and presentation of the company requires that you create the best possible conditions for it.

Analysis and sparring

We are engaged in the sale throughout the entire process as well as in the completion of the transaction, and it is therefore very important for us to have a in-depth understanding of the companies we work with. Prior to the sales process and up to the initial contact with potential investors/buyers, are we performing a comprehensive analysis of your company, the market, and the industry, to ensure  that we can advise you in the most optimal way and that you as the owner of the company is prepared for the sale in the best possible way. 
We of course work under the assumption of mutual agreement on how the entire transaction should proceed. And we always ensure confidentiality and discretion on our part.
We advise and provide feedback to you about which strategic possibilities, transaction models, and value indications that might be relevant to your company in the sales process - so that you always can evaluate your alternatives on an informed basis    

Identification of Potential Investors

We have been advising on M&A very long, and we know that the most important element in the sales process is identifying the right buyers/investors.  We therefore apply our knowledge we obtain about your business, to search and cover our extensive network and the market in general – both locally and globally – to identify the most optimal candidates. Once we have mapped and identified the most attractive prospects, do we in collaboration with youprioritize our list and examine which partners are most preferable to initiate dialogue with. This ensures that your interests and your expectations on your company’s value - whether measured in price, continuation of the company’s spirit and securing your employees, continuous co-ownership, or other factors that you find important - has the highest priority when choosing the potential buyers.     

Preparation of Materials and Discreet Contact

we prepare a investor presentation (“Information Memorandum”) that serves as the preliminary basis of evaluation for potential investors/buyers. The Memorandum describes the value creating processes, expectations and factors that makes up your company.  We therefore also control the entire sales process, and secure that no information is disclosed to external investors/buyers, without your consent and their agreement full     

Negotiation and Coordination of the Overall Sale Process
Once we have found an interested buyer of your company, we will assist you with the negotiations. We will plan a form of procurement, ensure the setting of negotiations, and finally, we will prepare you for the entire procedure. We will cooperate with your other consultants and we will coordinate the sale process in a structured and effective way. During the entire process, you can count on our full disclosure. It is important that there is a mutual trust between us, so that we can achieve the best conditions of the sale, which is in the interest of all parties.

When you choose DealHaus as your consulting partner, your company will gain:

•    Access to our widespread network of potential buyers in Denmark as well as abroad
•    Exposure of your company to a well-defined choice of optimal buyers
•    Strengthened basis for competition between buyers
•    Professional approach to your company and understanding of its needs
•    Confidentiality throughout the whole sale process
•    Consulting that creates value  

We have a well documented track record and our sale process ensures that you will always feel comfortable and well-informed. 

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