Kivex Biotec A/S, a pioneer within the IVF equipment industry, has been acquired by Cooper Surgical

Kivex Biotec - a global leader within IVF capital equipment, that for more than 30 years have been developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling capital equipment used in In-Vitro Fertilization clinics, has been acquired by Cooper Surgical, part of the US based Cooper Companies.

Kjeld Lauridsen, former owner of Kivex Biotec, reflects on his experience with DealHaus as the exclusive sell-side advisor: ‘’Selling a company is a creative process, both in regards of marketing, finance and attraction of potential buyers. We chose DealHaus to represent us throughout the sales process, because we trusted them to be the best advisor to complete the transaction. Their empathetic ability as well as their creative and professional approach was a good match. An attractive presentation with key insights of the company was created in shorter time than expected, and shortly after commencing the sales process several dialogues with potential buyers had been established. Several negotiations were completed during the process and we chose to continue with Cooper Surgical, a larger US based company within the IVF-sector’’

Kivex Biotec, commonly referred to as their brand name, K-systems, is among the market leading companies within IVF-incubators and workstations for use in IVF-clinics. Their innovative and aesthetic products are distributed in more than 60 countries. K-systems’ former majority shareholder, Kjeld Lauridsen has, together with his management team, developed the company to its position today – and now as part of the world’s largest group within IVF-equipment, Cooper Surgical.

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Through many years, Denmark has been home to one of the most important clusters of knowledge-based companies operating within the IVF-sector and this transaction documents Denmark’s ability to maintain a position at the frontier of innovation and design.

DealHaus has been the exclusive advisor to the owners of K-systems, which were acquired in early May 2016.

Niels Steengaard Hansen, managing director in Kivex Biotec: ‘’Whether the process led to a completed transaction or not, it is my experience that we have strengthened the company significantly through this process. The process has highlighted several areas of the business, which we during the process have become significantly more conscious about, and we have simultaneously created a stronger overall foundation based on several common and clarified views on the business.’’

Cooper Surgical, a subsidiary to the publicly traded group, The Cooper Companies (NYSE: COO) with annual revenues exceeding USD 1,2 billions, has completed the transaction as a strategic acquisition that complements their portfolio of high quality products.

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